All original choreography by christina mckinney

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Being: the most important or basic part of a person's mind or self; the nature or essence of a person; the state of existing.

Of Being (2017) is a series of ten original dance works culminated into a single concert. This concert showcases the meaning of "being" and what makes us who we are by approaching various personal topics, such as: living a woman in today's society, trying to figure out life in your 20's, the mundane aspects of every day, relationships, social anxiety, how you heal, the thoughts that run through your mind before going to sleep, and exploring who you are through art. 

It is held in an intimate performance space, Crosstown Arts, where the audience can feel closely connected to the work being performed. Following the concert is a feedback session with Christina and the dancers to answer any questions you may have about the work, or to accept any feedback on how to grow as artists.

Titles of the work within this show are:

Get to the Point
In a Real Muddle
That's It (part one)
Mindfulness and Virtue
This Place Inside
That's It (part two) 
Mass of Humanity
a Sense of Wonder
That's It (part three)
To Be a Part Of